Monday, 17 January 2005

It's Monday, it's ten to two, it's...

time for another post.

What a start to my week, fourteen emails from a rather odd Estonian publisher, three requests for books we don't have and assorted silliness elsewhere.

In case you're wondering about the books thing, yes, I am a qualified librarian (00.4332 Licensed to Shush) and I work for an international publisher, running the digital text archive. All of which sounds tremendously exciting, until you realise it's actually just messing about with computers and copying stuff. (Yes, there's quite a bit more to it, but you get the idea here)

I'm feeling not too bad this morning, despite having sore eyes. And a sniffly nose. The weekend was fairly good, out Saturday night, meeting friends, drinking and talking a right load of rubbish (as you do.) Sunday was spent in quiet contemplation and a frenzy of sorting-out and tidying. I think sleep deprivation had quite a bit to do with it, as I'd been left traumatised the night before by my upstairs neighbour's nocturnal activities. No, I really don't want to hear them 'at it', especially as, at the crucial moment, she sounds worryingly like a Yorkshire terrier on speed. Nor do I wish you to damage my ceilings any more than they already have been - at one point I thought they would be coming through the floor. Quite literally. Eww.

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