Saturday, 1 October 2011

There's a new crafting magazine in town...

And it's really rather good.

From the lovely folks at the Crafter..oo forum, the new magazine contains a whole host of crafty goodness. Loads of projects - paper roses, wrapped bangles, felt fortune cookies, dorset buttons, and a huge amount of other interesting features.

I have even written a little something for it too.

So, go on, give it a go. Click on the button below to go straight there!

Crafteroo Magazine -Projects, Interviews, Giveaways and More!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Button Swap - part the first

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been taking part in a craft swap, the theme of which is buttons. All organised by the lovely and fragrant Kitty Ballistic.

Where craft swaps are concerned, I normally get all fired up, then forget about it and then spend the last few days before deadline fleeing about like a headless chicken. Fortunately, this one was different. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gave myself a bit of a challenge in adapting a chainmaille weave.

My partner was Vonnie of BlottedCopybook fame, who you may remember organised the first swap I ever took part in, the tea swap. She's received her goodies, so I won't be spoiling the surprise by showing you what I sent.

Firstly, the bits I made - a chainmaille bracelet and necklace.

From ButtonSwapJune11

From ButtonSwapJune11

I've had those 'pin-up' buttons for ages and hadn't the first idea what to do with them. I thought they'd be perfect candidates for incorporating into chainmaille, and, though it took a bit of doing (and about a month's supply of swears), I think they turned out pretty well. The bracelet is a slight variant of Helm Chain and the necklace is a Japanese hexagonal weave, all in anodized aluminium.

And now for the goodies and craft supplies.

From ButtonSwapJune11

From ButtonSwapJune11

From ButtonSwapJune11

Many, many buttons, with a bead or three thrown in for good measure, not to mention featuring the cutest buttons in the world. *squeal*
From ButtonSwapJune11

Ahem, yes. Back to matters in hand. I also included some sugar shapes (which did include buttons) a box of Chocolate Buttons from Hotel Chocolat.
From ButtonSwapJune11

From ButtonSwapJune11

The only thing I couldn't manage to fashion from buttons was the card, but it was near enough, featuring as it did some 'button'flies. *waits for groans from the audience*
From ButtonSwapJune11

So, there you have it, one craft swap successfully completed. Bring on the next one!

From ButtonSwapJune11

From ButtonSwapJune11

I have heard from Vonnie that my parcel has been delayed unavoidably, but I am being very patient, as I know it'll definitely be worth waiting for.

A big thanks to all the crafter..ooers involved and to Kitty for being such a fab organiser. It's been a blast!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Yes, yes, I know...

I've been very very very lax with my blog-updating. Incredibly so, in fact.

But, I am back (though this is just a teeny-tiny post) and will be trying to update things more regularly.

So, what have I been doing? Well, the chainmaille is still going great guns and it's still an absolute obsession. I recently had a problem with my hand and my first thought was not 'Oh no, how will I manage at work?' but a complete panic about not being able to do more chainmaille. I think my priorities are probably about right there!

I've been learning some more weaves, so I've got quite a few under my belt now. I've also signed up to do a craft swap, a button one, organised by the fab Kitty Ballistic. I am really looking forward to cracking on with that, and of course, it does mean a trip to a haberdashery department at some point. *tiny dance of joy*

Anyway, I will stop wittering for the time being and get on and do some creating. And taking some pictures, as they always help!