Monday, 9 January 2006

Oooh, music!

Yes, the MP3 revolution has arrived chez Kats, in the utterly gorgeous form of the new Sony MP3 Walkman. Mine is a gorgeous blue colour and is just completely ruddy brilliant.

And I am terrifyingly giddy about it. I spent the entire weekend ripping cds to upload to it, then an entire night trying (mostly successfully) to get it to transfer the tracks over. And today I have spent ages fannying about with it, as one does with shiny new toys.

What's made me more excited is the fact that I might actually listen to all those good albums I'd forgotten I had, and the fact that I can have a huge variety of music without having to lug about a hundredweight of cds. *whoops for joy*

Never again will I have to run around to try and find something to suit my mood when the noisy bint upstairs decides to go crazy with one of her 'gentlemen callers.' (Actually that's generally fairly easy, it needs to be loud, but not something that will incite me to a homicidal rage at the prospect of yet another sleepless night of hearing the Yorkshire terrier on speed routine - so no Pantera - and definitely no Celine Dion).

So a very very big thank you to my family for this, it's everything I wanted and more. Yay for Christmas pressies!