Saturday, 19 January 2008

New Year, New Me?

I sincerely hope so, though things aren't going entirely as I'd hoped.

Firstly, I am still missing a bathroom ceiling. It was all supposed to be sorted out whilst I was away for Christmas, but things went a bit awry. The builders turned out to be less than reliable (whodathunkit!) and the people upstairs (who were also having work done by them - work that was left unfinished) told them to naff off. Which I can totally understand, but it does mean that I now have to arrange to get quotes (something that was proving slightly difficult last year) and then get the work done.

My back is also playing up, which I could really do without. It's been horrendously painful this week (back to the pain down the leg business). I really, really don't want this to come back, I'm not sure I am strong enough to cope with it. Plus I'm already fretting about people thinking I'm just taking the piss.

I have also now broken out in a mammoth rash of cold sores. It started on Wednesday (my lip was swollen up like nobody's business) and I thought it was calming down nicely, but today I've got a whole new crop of them. I must be more run down than I thought. Great stuff.

My one main plan this year was to try and stay positive, but it's proving rather tricky. All I can do is grit my teeth (which is rather painful work) and hang on, until things improve. So that's what I'll do. Just keep doing what I can and try not to give myself such a hard time if things get a bit too much. After all, I'm only human.