Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Oh what a beautiful moooorrrning...

I wasn't at my desk this morning. I was being trained. Sadly, not to balance a ball on the tip of my nose, or even to do formation riding of tiny motorcycles, but to use an operating system that I've had for the last 3 months. Great, thanks so much for that. Excuse me while I prostrate myself at your feet with gratitude.

I realise that I do sound a completely ungrateful wench, but the company I work for pride themselves on providing training to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. So, three months ago it would have been rather useful. Having said that, it's taken weeks and weeks of ranting, whining, threatening and cajoling to get our IT support people to even admit that we need better equipment. Now it's just the small task of actually getting it. Supposedly, according to a meeting last week it would be 'within the next fortnight.' Oh look, it's a flock of pigs, wheeling majestically past the London Eye.

Still, it wasn't all a waste of time, I learned a couple of shortcuts. \o/

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