Friday, 14 January 2005

TFI Friday

And how apt it is.

This week's been one I wouldn't want to repeat for all the tea in Betty's.

Thankfully, it's nearing the weekend, and I won't have to put up with it for much longer. I am sincerely hoping that next week at least contains a modicum of joy and/or fun. Though saying that, there's been the odd moment of smilingness this week, it's just that they were punctuated with huge swathes of gloom and misery. *note to self: don't even think about volunteering for the Samaritans

There's nothing hugely exciting to report at the moment, other than the fact that my stockings appear to have developed a mind of their own and are making a bid for freedom via my knees. Now there's an image to conjure with on a Friday afternoon.

As is the knowledge that Howard 'The Swan Botherer' Brown of Halifax ad fame is to record a single. As if it wasn't enough to see his grinning visage every time I walk past a branch of the Halifax, now my ears are to be assaulted as well. I'm almost angry enough to send a letter to the Daily Telegraph.

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