Saturday, 31 January 2009

Balmy weather, isn't it?

Good start, as ever. Still, I have been a-crafting, not just sitting about. No, I've been sitting about with pliers in my hands. Dead helpful.

I have also been making lip balm. Yes, lip balm. Considering I should have shares in Carmex and Lipsyl, it's probably a very good thing to learn how to do. So, having purchased a kit from Aromantic, which contained everything I needed, I set to work.

Handily, everything was measured out to the quantities necessary, so it was just a case of melting and mixing, then pouring into lipsalve tubes (also handily provided).

It turned out that the mixture actually made more than would fit into the tubes, so I had to use some stacking pots that I had lying around the house (hoarding has its uses, occasionally!)

So, that was it. Much easier than I was expecting, though I have learned that melting things in a jug makes them MUCH easier to pour out.

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  1. Hello! Lipbalm looks fab! coincidentally I have been making soap and put a link to Aromantic on my blog the other day! x