Monday, 16 March 2009

2009, the year of craft

Yes indeed, this year I intend to make more 'stuff' than you can shake a stick at. Be it jewellery (for the shop or for my own fair person), cosmetics (see previous post for first attempt), candles, crochet, knitting. I'm going to try it all out. I suspect the House of Craft may well benefit from this, as what I like to do if I'm learning about a craft is to try a kit - that way there's no hunting about looking for random items that I may well have forgotten to buy.

This coming weekend will see me faffing about in the kitchen with a candlemaking kit. As well as trying to learn how to do the Full Persian chainmaille weave.

Oh and figuring out what I'm making for a) the Crafteroo Time for Tea swap and b) a thank you present.

It's all go here.


  1. I have started the teatime swap for you...not sure about it... but I started though erm only have some raspberry vanilla tea hiding in teh cupboard so will have to go source nice tea for you... and probably redo what I have wonder i never get anything done.

  2. Hi ! Looking forward to all your craftiness .