Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The book of Face

It has its uses (mainly to feed my addiction for very silly games), but today, rather than doing actual work, y'know, the stuff I get paid to do, I've been writing a big note to go on my profile, which contains 25 random things about me. It was remarkably hard work to do, so I'm going to be very lazy now and just copy and past the whole thing here. So it doesn't get lost.

1. I'm a qualified librarian, though that's not a particularly random thing, I don't think. Never mind, it'll get better. I hope.

2. I have a total hatred of txtspk. It enrages me in ways that are rather worrying. So much so that I go to great lengths to spell out all the words in text messages, even if they take me several years to write.

3. I'm also the least confident person I know. This may well not come as a surprise to many of you, but there you go. So much for me controlling everyone's perception with the power of my mind.

4. However, one day, I will rule the universe. Oh yes, it will be mine.

5. My mother is one of the most amazing and wonderful people I have ever met. No matter what life has thrown at her, she comes out smiling on the other side. I am honoured and privileged to call her a friend as well as Mam.

6. That last thing just made me cry. Again, that's probably not a surprise, since I am capable of crying at most anything. Including a documentary about Lassie.

7. When I was little, I used to do tap, ballet and ballroom dancing. The ballet I'm not so bothered about, but I really do wish I'd kept up with the tap and the ballroom. I love to dance, but with the whole confidence thing (see item 3) it generally happens in the privacy of my sitting room, with the curtains drawn.

8. I have a deep and abiding love for very, very cheesy films. This includes the original Godzilla films (think man in unconvincing rubber suit) as well as other, less well known classics such as Fire Maidens from Outer Space, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Them!

9. I am appallingly supersititious. Magpies get the full treatment, I have serious misgivings when people put their umbrellas up in the office to dry them out and have been known to cross roads to avoid walking under ladders.

10. I have an unusual talent for remembering random stuff. Postcodes, telephone numbers, book codes (which we use at work), all kinds of nonsense. I have no idea how it works, but it does make me fairly good to have on your pub quiz team.

11. I like to think I am hilarious. I suspect, however, that I may not be quite as funny in real life.

12. I am an inveterate hoarder. My house is packed with odds and ends which 'may' be useful at some unspecified point in the future. I also have a vast collection of things that I can't throw out because of the sentimental value attached. This does not bode well for when I move house.

13. The collecting mania extends to books, mainly due to the fact that I work for a publisher, so get a lot of free books. I also happen to adore books and reading (so it makes sense that I studied librarianship, in a way), so find it terribly hard to get rid of them.

14. There are people who've been in my life, who I miss every single day. And I would give anything to have that one minute/hour/day more - to say the things I left unsaid.

15. Conversely, there are also people I've met, who I don't miss. But one way or another, they've all changed my life in some subtle way, some for good, some not so good. But I don't really regret meeting any of them, with the possible exception of the yorkshire gangster wannabe.

16. I have a bit of a stationery fetish. Not in a sexual way, before anyone starts. I just love to have pens and pencils and notebooks and all manner of stationery items. It started with erasers and it's just gone from there really. I don't think my dad helped either, with his 'everyone can use a nice pen' idea.

17. I love visiting castles and stately homes and gardens. It sounds a bit fogeyfied, but there are some fascinating stories to be gleaned, as well as some marvellous interior design and architecture to be viewed.

18. It's my ambition, one day, to do a tour of some of Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh's finest buildings. I have been fascinated with their work for years, not to mention the fact that they were really interesting people.

19. I have decided that 2009 is to be the Year of Craft. I'm aiming to try as many different crafts as I possibly can. I already make jewellery, I've just made some lip balm, which was huge and fragrant fun and I'm soon going to teach myself to crochet (and possibly knit as well). I'd also like to go back to doing tapestry and learn to cross stitch a bit better. Candle making is on the agenda as well.

20. I write quite a lot (which is why it's strange that I'm finding this note so ruddy hard to finish), but it's mainly just for my own amusement.

21. I love tea. The drink, not the meal. Herbal, fragranced, fruit, instant - I'll try anything in the tea arena. Coffee too, though I don't have quite as much of an obsession about it.

22. My favourite animal is the pig, though dogs do come a close second. I have an ever expanding collection of pigs and pig-related items, so if you're ever stuck for an idea for a present (all gifts are gratefully received), then pigs are always a good bet.

23. I have a massive, massive insect phobia. If it crawls, scuttles, slithers, flies, flaps or buzzes then I want nothing to do with it. Especially as they insist on flying round my head. GET AWAY FROM ME!

24. I have a bead addiction. I justify it to myself by saying that they'll be used when I make jewellery and so on, but the reality is that I just like to have them. Shinyshinybeadybeady.

25. C'mon, one more thing and you're done. Lordy. Oh yes, I broke my arm when I was 9, falling off a horse. Hence I have a very long scar on my arm, which I hide by never wearing short sleeved or sleeveless tops. Phew, that's it. I'm outta here.

So, there you have it. 25 random (or not) things about me. Blimey.

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