Thursday, 17 August 2006

Bizarrospam strikes again!

Marvellous. No, really.

They were to come in the afternoon and have dinner at night . To sit here and munch apples with Pat while Judy thumped and kneaded her bread was all he asked.
Sure and didnt I bring all of yes up on witches and are ye inny the worse av it? They were to come in the afternoon and have dinner at night . Im not wanting inny sawed-off girls at Silver Bush.
I used to be after knowing the McClenahans rale well years ago. I'd jump out of my skin if she looked cross-wise at me. Oh, oh, its the quare one she was and the foolish things she wud be saying. Its the quanes own cloth Im waving and sour enough her Majesty'll look if its not finished on time.
And if itwas left without any one to live in it it would break its heart. Dear God, please bring McGinty back to Jingle. Judy was of opinion that the dog had been stolen. Oh, oh, she isn't called a witch for nothing, that one, said Judy, when she had heard the whole tale.
And how lonesome the Long Lonely House looks. Sure now I'd an idea she'd know where McGinty was.
She didn't like it as well as her red one but itwas its turn and it mustnt be neglected. They would talk of politics and pigs and finally drift into family histories and community tales.
THAT was her and Sid's secret just as Happiness was hers and Jingles. You've always said there was a bit of a witch in you. I wish she didn't have to live so far away, said Jingle chokingly. They were large and grey and steady with a twinkle somewhere behind their steadiness.
Thewhite-washed walls of the old kitchen re-echoed to their laughter. The man turned and opened a mean little door at his right.
Judy was of opinion that the dog had been stolen. But hewent on and said the thing that spoiled it all.
Jingle put up a notice in the stores offering a reward of twenty-five cents.
Every car or buggy that drove up or down the road made Pat squirm with fear that it was Aunt Helen. Judy concocted and baked, and Cuddles tasted everything that came her way, including a frosty latch.
Dear God, please bring McGinty back to Jingle. It was lovely to sit there, so cosy and warm, with that eerie wind moaning without. And a shears-and-basin cut av hair niver improved inny one.
No, Judy might give her castor oil, as she had done the last time Pat had a cold.
Sid likes her, said Pat, a bit forlornly. And you havent got a Poets room or a round window, went on Pat still more tauntingly.
Her untidy hair was black too, coal-black, although she must be as old as Judy.
I dont think shes half as pretty, she said. How she hoped Aunt Helen wouldnt choose her! YOU look awful nice in that blue scarf, Pat, said Jingle admiringly. Jingle arrived speedily and so got his Christmas invitation by the skin of his teeth.

It's like having my own personal serialisation. I can't wait for the next episode. I'm hoping that Jingle and Pat finally get together in the barn, that McGinty arrives in one piece and that Judy wins a special prize for her baking at the WI Winter Fair.

cue end title music...

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