Monday, 7 August 2006

Birthday fever!

Birthdays, love 'em or hate 'em, they're with us to stay. So, it's with great pleasure that I proclaim that my most recent birthday (last week) is without a doubt one of the best and most fun birthdays I have ever had.

Naturally, there would be no appreciation of the good bits without a bit of rubbish. This came in the form of work, i.e. I was at work and they appeared to be doing their best to annoy the crap out of me. Not only that, but it also appeared that not one person actually remembered that it was my birthday. Despite it being on the list. I've signed the cards and contributed to the collections for each and every one in the department. The only person who remembered was my boss. Who very kindly left me a bunch of flowers on my desk, so they were there when I arrived. And they are gorgeous - lovely white lilies with the most gorgeous fragrance. But still, it was a little bit upsetting and I did feel a little hurt.

However, that was just a minor blip. Everyone else more than made up for it. I think it's fair to say that the phrase 'embarrassment of riches' wouldn't go amiss here. Thursday (the day itself), I woke up to several cards and a present to open, the present being a Sanctuary Hand Care set. Gorgeous smellies so well chuffed there. I got to work and there was another card or two, plus two presents - firstly, the most gorgeous silver and amethyst earrings and a fab beaded bookmark, and of course, the flowers mentioned earlier. Then, mid-morning, I got another card (from my mum this time) and a bunch of flowers. These ones were lovely too - all purple and green. After lunch, yet more flowers. This time, a potted arrangement of white and corally-pink coloured flowers. I have no idea what they are, but they're lovely.

I ended up cabbing it home that night. No way was I leaving anything at work, damn them all to hell. And look, more cards on the mat when I arrived chez me.

The next day (the day of my planned celebration with friends and colleagues) I got to work and faffed about for most of the morning, interrupted only by a delivery of a birthday balloon. Balloon! I was absurdly cheery at this point, because I adhere to the Pooh philosophy on this subject: No-one can be uncheered with a ballooon. It's so true.

The afternoon wasn't nearly so busy as the morning, mainly due to not being able to log in to my computer. Quelle dommage, as they say in the posher suburbs of Rotherham. As you can tell, I was beside myself with frustration, I very nearly tutted.

Then came the celebrations. And oh my, what celebrations they were. The nicest folks were there (though a few notables were missing, they had already sent apologies etc..) and I was laden down with goodies. 4 BAGS FULL, to be precise. A signed book, a squishy cushion, scented candles, butter tablet (oh the sugary goodness), a handbag, gorgeous smellies from Molton Brown, an amethyst geode (sparkly!) and many more items besides. I'd already planned on cabbing it home that night, but it was a case of necessity rather than just being a lazy cow. Which makes a nice change, I must say.

I'm still in a bit of a state of shock, astonished at people's sheer generosity - not only did I get tons of giftage, I didn't have to buy a drink all night. And it does rather give the lie to my rather too well worn opinion of myself. Frankly, if all these people think I'm nice enough to shower with pressies and stuff, then I've got to be doing something right. Wow.

And now, the final word on this one. And one of the most talked about items on the groaning table of gifts. I'm now the proud owner of the Deluxe Librarian Action Figure. Truly a thing of wondrousness. And SO me. Look...and envy.

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