Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chairs and stuff

Well, I got the chair. Wooo. My first thought when I saw it was 'Christ on a bike, it's the widest chair in the ENTIRE world. Oh god, I'm going to hate it.'

But, slowly, it's growing on me. Much like mould. And, though I hate to admit it, it is pretty comfortable and it appears to be helping my back. Which is, of course, the entire point of it.

Of course, the rumblings from Occupational Health still continue. Now they're after feedback. It's a chair. I park my jacksie on it and I then get up later. It's fine, thanks. Now bog off and let me get on with my job. I am hoping (possibly in vain), that now I have provided feedback (it was slightly better worded, I must admit) we can draw a line under this entire shitey episode and just move on. Fingers crossed.

Or they would be, if I actually could. Just to add insult to injury, I had a rather spectacular tumble on my way to work one morning. Just over two weeks ago. I blame the French president, as I'm sure it was the motorcycle outriders protecting his car that distracted me for that one vital second. Ha! Anyway, down I went, like the proverbial lead balloon.

There were two very lovely people who rushed over to help me up and dust me down, so I thanked them profusely and limped off to work. I was really worried about my back (after all the shenanigans I've had with it, that's not really a surprise), but it seems to have coped remarkably well. Same for my knees, which were barely bruised. It was my hands that appear to have taken most of the damage. In particular my left hand which was badly sprained and bruised. I did have to go to A&E to have it checked out and thankfully it wasn't broken. I've had to wear a wrist splint for the last two weeks which is now really annoying me. And I'm a little concerned about my hand as it seems to be taking a while to get back to normal. So, to the doctor on Monday afternoon it is. Oh, the joy.

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