Sunday, 3 September 2006


The story of bizarrospam continues apace. I'm hoping that at some point all the disparate elements of this magnificent opus merge into one fantastic ending.

The neighbors were regaled with music, but it did not harmonize with theprimitive background.
Desire ate four curlews, and, I enough crab fatto make six civilized men violently ill.
She is wise enough to take charge of the menage when I am reverting to type. When Bones held out his hand it meant only one of two things: food or woman.
Every pig and fowl on the island dashed for the bush! Is my little bird well, or is my little bird ill?
Your big manowar hawk is well,he is not ill.
Desire and I, back in the shadows, snickered sardonically.
Luckily only I among the whites could appreciate the exquisite humor of the neighbors.
In the pools were scores of blue parrot fish.
Now that the Reverend Horatio has gone it wont be wicked, I told her.
Thats the way we are on the outposts of progress.
I have eaten it for so many years that I can assimilate little else. Oh well, the startling occurrence that I intended to narrate will have to wait till tomorrow. Your big manowar hawk is well, he is not ill.
Ah, a coconut contains everything necessary tosupport a man from the cradle to the grave. But there the sharks kept at a healthy distance, asthey generally do when one is in deep water. And the little realist, throwing herself back on the sleeping mat, screamed with laughter. Youll be worshiping in a golden church before ten years are up. Then we left the point to walk along the dry brick-red reef toward the far islet. Who makes the taro grow; I ask you, who makes it grow?
She and her sister Tangi were sitting on the back balcony. But I was tight enough to laugh off his sour looks.
At the last labor pain she, Samson-like, pulled down the two posts and pushed over the third one.
She said later that she had been afraid I would fall over backward like the man inthe comic paper.
Half the deaths are due to it; I have never known of an arrested case.
Only a few of them had been broken by gnawing thighbones and cracking coconut shells. His teeth were a full inch long from gums to tips, yellow-brown, as big as aboars tusk. Then Lingutaimoa knew that Yina had killed her fish. Never had such a spectacle been dreamed of. Down the road of Central Village marched a military band! A finecavalla waited on the table to be fried, but Tangi was still in the arms ofher gift-boy.
Thusmy feet were on either side of the bole while the belt held them firmly against it.
When Bones held out his hand it meant only one of two things: food or woman. I cried, as though I had not asked her to meet me for sheunderstands such whimsies.
You are lovely, Desire, I said; but next Sunday I want you to be Miss Memory. Dont forget to ask them for some banana extract!
It looks like a puffball but is more oily and palpable.

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