Thursday, 12 May 2005

Gosh, long time no post...

Well that's because life's been too busy kicking me in the heed, to quite honest.

The last week alone has brought so much grief it's almost unbelievable. My great-aunt is in hospital, and not expected to survive the week. My brother was also admitted to hospital (a different one, and the one which treated Gwyn so badly) with severe abdominal pain. Eventually, a scan revealed that it's a gall stone, which is a relief, as it's not as serious as we feared. That said, he's still in pain while they decide what to do.

And on Tuesday it would have been Mum and Gwyn's second wedding anniversary. Talk about things coming in threes. Normally it's stuff like breaking a nail, or dropping a cup. This is just taking the proverbial.

The preceding weeks haven't been too bad, only I've got more work than you can shake a cd at, and pretty much I've got to do it on my own. Marvellous. The sweet sound of progress. Or something.

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